Show Notes

I’m from Canada. My parents moved from Hong Kong to Canada to escape the violent communist protests in the 1960s. I grew up in a “mosaic”, a peaceful country that honors diversity. A country where most oppressed people would love to move to. When backpackers go to Europe, they will often put Canadian flags on their backpacks because of how well many Europeans treat Canadians. Canadians were known to have freed countries after the Nazi occupation. 

However, there has been something brewing in Canada for quite some time, something I was unaware of until the last year and a half. While learning more about what’s happening around the world through f r e e d o m activists on Instagram, I came across She is a Canadian mom who, through her own experience of being a mom and being persecuted by her own government for refusing to release her children’s medical records to them, sounded the alarm early in 2020 on what was really going on in this peaceful country.

When I heard she decided to move to Britain to escape Canada, that sent a mini-shockwave through my system. Someone had to escape my home country? Really?

During this episode, I interview Susan Standfield, the author of the new book, Betrayed. During this interview, we discuss:
Why she felt she had to escape the “peaceful” country of CanadaHow she discovered what was really happening in government and how she sounded the alarmWhat she had to endure as one of the first pan-demic activists, and the good news now for others worldwide doing the same thingHow long it’s going to take for us to rebuild our world via the Great AwakeningSome of the positive things happening as a result of the pandemicHow we can help re-build by supporting your local communities…and more!